The "Sub'marsh"ine" adventure

Dive in the extraordinary universe of the Audomarois marsh

Live the “Sub’marsh”ine” adventure. Unique and fantastic, this visit of the marsh will call upon your imagination…

The “Sub’Marsh’ine” is : portholes as round as a fish eye, an extravagant metallic frame, sonar sounds, the feeling that the engine will start in one moment…

Believe your eyes : You really are inside the biggest fresh water submarine ever !

Get on board !

Having a stopover in the Maison du Marais, the “Sub’marsh’ine” is 24m long and it’s one of a kind. It has always took the crew for all of their outings through the 3,700 hectares of the Audomarois marsh. Young and old will meet the extraordinary characters and their own universe, for an unforgettable visit of the Saint-Omer marsh.


A crew that watches over the precious Audomarois marsh

They are : The Captain, The archeologist, the engineer, the biologist and the folklorist and are recognized as real experts in their field. They work flat out for a better understanding and for the preservation of this unique and exceptional natural area : the Audomarois marsh.

Learning about the escape of a RAF pilot, discovering the typical tools of the market gardeners, understanding the control of water and the drawing of the landscapes for more than 13 centuries. The “Sous marais” Adventure is also the occasion for all the family to learn how to save this remarkable heritage.

UNESCO listed in the Man and the Biosphere programme to enhance human activities with the biodiversity of the reserve in order to preserve its treasures and ecological special features.

Extend the discovery with some of the 29 fish species that can be found in the marsh. Our fish tanks welcome some of their representatives.

Sous-Marais Biologiste Equipage @ Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer (15)

Ready to try the adventure?

So, leave your routine behind and dive aboard the Sous Marais ! Keep your eyes wide open, a crew member could come to you…

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