The traditional boat ride


What is better than a boat trip to explore the Audomarois marsh?

Close your eyes and imagine… Only a few steps away from Saint-Omer city center, get on board and go for a boat trip in the marsh, for an exceptional moment.

With a guide from The Maison du Marais, you will leave for a discovery of this biosphere reserve UNESCO listed in the Man and the Biosphere programme to enhance human activities with the biodiversity of the reserve.

Get on board of one of our traditional boat for one hour of peace and chill in the heart of the audomarois marsh. 170km of waterways, called the “wateringues” are waiting for you.

Touch the wood of the bacôve and smell its scent, then be transported by one of our passionated guides at the heart of a natural paradise. You only hear the guide’s voice, the lapping of water and the birds singing.

Open your eyes and don’t miss the show playing right in front of you ! Experience the wonder of swans’ parade, a grey heron’s flight or the flowering waterlilies. Here you are leaving for one hour, about to discover the exceptional fauna and flora of the marsh.

At the heart of this natural maze, between isolated houses on islands, maybe you will meet the last postman doing his round on a boat in France…

hour trip in the marsh
people maximum per boat

Aboard a bacôve

To discover the different faces of the marsh

Ready to leave your daily life on the pier? Leave the routine behind and board for a timeless interlude. A visit that will solicit all your senses and will leave an unforgettable memory.

An immersion…

In the Audomarois marsh’s history

This bacôve ride, the traditional wooden boat of the marsh, will also be the occasion to learn more about local history and folklore. But also about the St Bertin’s monks, who, from the 8th century, worked hard to domesticate these hostile and wild lands to create the nowadays landscape. The ride is also the occasion to learn more about the daily life, sometimes unusual, of its inhabitants.

In the middle of an exceptional fauna and flora

Grey herons, crested grebe or dragonflies and waterlilies don’t have any secrets for our guides. Open your eyes, you’ll certainly see one of the 240 bird species and of the 400 plant varieties that live in the Audomarois marsh.

Discovering the market gardener know-how

For example, did you know that cauliflower was cultivated since the beginning of the 18th century? It’s still the most produced vegetable with more than 5 million pieces each year?

There’s a lot of different varieties but the most iconic is the Cauliflower ‘Martinet’ (from the name of its creator). It’s the first one to grow at the beginning of the season (end of May – beginning of June).


Thematic rides

Bacôve rides from The Maison du Marais are suited to every season. Various thematic rides are offered for each time of the year. Don’t hesitate to consult the schedule.

An early boarding to enjoy the magnificent view of the sunrise over the wateringues, a ride at nightfall for Halloween or a cocktail ride in the summertime…

Early boat trip

in July and August

Early boat trip

Wake up softly, soothed by the birds singing and the other nature noises while you're contemplating the sunrising

Aperitif boat rides

In July and August

Aperitif boat ride

Have an aperitif in the middle of the wilderness ? It's the setting offered by this one hour and a half convivial ballad, accompanied by your guide.

Silent boat trip

From July to September

Silent boat trip

Discover the Audomarois marsh only soothed by the marsh sounds.

Keep exploring the Maison du Marais...

As you step off the boat, extend the immersion by enjoying a salad made of local products at Les Bols du Marais or go discover the city of Saint Omer by renting an electric bike at the Maison du Marais’s desk. Thanks to the combined ticket, enjoy the exhibitions and take another look to the life in the Audomarois marsh.

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