The walkway in the park and the conservatory vegetable garden

Have a walk, at the marsh’s doorway

With your family or friends, the Maison du Marais is THE place to reload your batteries. When a few minutes ago you were in the city center, here you are plunged into the nature of the Audomarois marsh.

Here, take the time to deep breathe and to listen to your imagination or even to go treasure hunting…

The Maison du Marais is the perfect doorway to the Audomarois marsh when you’re in Saint Omer. All year long, the site gives you access to its park and gardens that can as well become living places for inhabitants, visitors or local associations.

From time to time, animations and meetings are organized, don’t hesitate to consult our schedule to know more about it.


The conservatory vegetable garden

Typical vegetables from the marsh…

Opened in july 2021, the conservatory vegetables garden of the Maison du Marais aims to protect the vernacular heritage of the market gardening culture of the Audomarois.

It presents about 20 vegetable varieties and evolve with the seasons, the vegetable garden is a few steps away from the Maison du Marais. You can visit it by yourself or with a guide who will give you all the secrets of these endemic varieties and will tell you more about “agro-ecology”.

…promoted in short circuit

The conservatory vegetable garden is also a good way to put the emphasis on short circuit. Indeed, most of the vegetables cultivated here by the ‘centre de formation des agriculteurs’, are either sent to the ‘légumerie’, a few kilometers away from the Maison du Marais, or eaten at Les Bols du Marais.



Sheep in the park ?

During your walk in the park, you’ll probably meet sheep busy eating the grass. In a zero pesticide approach, they take care of this area’s maintenance.

The mill of l’Aile

At the heart of the park, this wooden giant is the witness of the marsh domestication by its inhabitants. Thanks to its Archimedean Screw, you can imagine the drying technique of the 19th century. Rebuilt in the park for the opening of the Maison du Marais in 2014, this mill was an essential tool for the market gardeners. It’s possible to visit it during special guided visits.

Enjoy the grass in the surroundings to have a picnic with your family or friends in the sunny days.

The hanging garden

A relaxing place

It’s a peace haven a few steps away from Saint-Omer city center. The hanging garden of the Maison du Marais is the perfect place for a change of scenery for a few minutes or a few hours. In the middle of aromatic herbs, enjoy a moment of peace and chill.

And a living place !

The hanging garden is also a place of regular meetings. Indeed, you can easily meet yoga or fitness enthusiasts or polyglot’s café members. Young and old, beginners or bilingual, participants talk in English, German, Spanish… In a good mood !

déconnexion entre amies
Solène Yoga

The Adventure Lab

An outdoor Treasure Hunt with géocaching

Discover the park of the Maison du Marais by playing. We are please to present you a new outdoor activity, a unique little adventure to live with your family.

How to play Adventure LAB ?

Download the app Adventure LAB for Android and iPhone. Open the app, create an account and search the tour “Le Parc de la Maison du Marais”.

Once you’re in the park, you can start the adventure. Go to the first point of interest : your GPS will help you being located. When you’re at less than 5 meters from the point, touch your screen and you will have information about it. You will have to answer a question to catch the next point of interest.

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