At Capiau, the life of market gardener

life of a market gardener

What would the Saint-Omer’s marsh be without its inhabitants ?

Go meet Yves “Capiau”, since that’s how the locals call him. This market gardener shares his last working day with you right before a well deserved retirement.

Before this last day ends, he invites you, for free, to discover with him the secrets of his beloved Audomarois marsh, now listed at UNESCO.

With pictures from his family albums, tools he used during his market gardener life or movies from his youth, you’ll be carried away by a wave of emotions throughout this visit !

Yves “Capiau” welcomes you with open arms

First of all, he’ll tell to all your family how the Audomarois marsh was dig. Then, he’ll make you discover crafts and traditions that punctuate the life of its inhabitants. Lastly, Capiau will make you aware of the huge biodiversity sheltered in the marsh…


Discover the history of the marsh

The transformation of a swamp by Man, the development of inhabited and cultivated areas, land working and the preservation of this unique area… This is how you’ll learn more about this hostile land domesticated by St Bertin’s monks from the 7th century.

Its inhabitants, the “Brouckaillers”, made for more than 13 centuries the face of this water and vegetations maze, natural fortress and heaven of biodiversity.

Learn more about marsh vegetables…

Witness the evolution of the tecnics of market gardening and sailing throughout an exhibition of the characteristics of land working in the marsh. A local and rare know-how essential to preserve. Cauliflower culture or the “ruie” using will have no more secret for you.

Have a seat at Yves Capiau’s table, in his longère, typical housing of the Audomarois marsh, he wants to share some of his best memories with you.

And about the biodiversity sheltered in this UNESCO listed ecosystem

Finally, end your visit learning more about the emblematic species of the marsh, the fauna and flora that make an exceptional biological group. Learn more about the environmental threats that pose on the marsh’s safeguard, now UNESCO listed in the Man and the Biosphere programme to enhance human activities with the biodiversity of the reserve. Enjoy an immersive, lively and captivating visit, adapted to all ages.


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